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The boiler pays for itself through its future savings on the gas bill. This is then added to the electricity bill but at no time will the combined electric and gas bill be higher than before the new boiler was installed.

The Green Deal is a government backed initiative that can help you understand the energy-saving improvements you can make to your home including funded boilers and heat recovery units etc. It can also help you find companies such as Smarter Heating Services to carry out the work and give you a number of payment options for the improvements including Green Deal Finance.

The first step in getting improvements under the Green Deal is to get an authorised Green Deal Assessor ( Smarter Heating Services can help you here ) to produce a Green Deal Advice Report listing in which improvements can be made to the property and which are the most cost effective.

Under Green Deal Finance, a private company known as a Green Deal Provider provides a loan for some or all of the cost of the energy-saving home improvements and will instruct a company known as a Green Deal Installer to carry out the work. The loan is then repaid, which includes interest, through a charge that is added to your electricity bill. The amount you can borrow is limited by what a typical energy user might save on their energy bills from installing the improvements. This is known as the Golden Rule. Meaning that the amount paid back each month will never be more than the cost of the combined energy bills had the work not taken place at all.

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